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Born in Bristol, I am a self-taught painter specialising in my own Abstract Architectural and Landscape Painting style.
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Abstract, Architectural Art, Digital Art, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting - Acrylics
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Born in Bristol, I am a self-taught painter specialising in my own Abstract Architectural and Landscape Painting style. This year I will be showing a selection of new work that develops my alternative view of the built environment, with undertones of confinement, claustrophobia and the inability to escape, key repetitive themes.

Drawing inspiration from Modernist Architecture with “A Shard is Born” this is my take on the emergence of extreme buildings from within the low-rise urban environment. “A long way home” positions the viewer within a lunar base looking back at Planet Earth and “Underpass II” revisits a common theme of dominant structures, the claustrophobia within the built environment and the impact of structures on human feelings and emotional responses.

One area of interest is the legacy of the original World Trade Centre and the impact of the memory of this iconic building within the minds of the survivors of 9/11 reflected in a new work “Stuck in a memory you can’t get out of”. This new painting is a sister piece to an earlier work “Before Ground Zero”, which is also on display.

The impact of war on structures within Syria, with a focus on the devastation of the city of Aleppo is visualised in the work “Daybreak in Aleppo”, reflecting the skeletal framework of buildings, devoid of obvious signs of the human population.

Images of the urban environment are used with a key triptych entitled “The City: Escape Route/Road to Nowhere/Stairwell” which reflects the cityscape as a metaphor for depression with “Escape Route” the view from a tall building (suicidal thoughts), “Road to Nowhere”, the sense of being lost in a confusing state and place and “Stairwell”, visualising the early stage of recovery with many potential routes out of the illness (and the painting).

New Works include the Covid-19 Themed "Lockdown",  “Dystopia”, “Underpass II”, “A long way home”, “Disruption”, “Penetration”, “Encapsulation”, which along with other paintings are ALL ARE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE. Please visit my website for details and contact me directly by email or telephone.

A variety of original art works from prices beginning at a very affordable £25 are also available.

High Quality Prints are available of all of my work to special order. For details of costs, please email me.

The North Bristol Art Trail is a window into the world of local artists and shows the diversity of work being undertaken in the area. Support your local artists and community by attending this event and find inspiration – right on your doorstep!

This year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, my display will be in my front bay window - including a TV screen that will be displaying a rolling presentation of all of my artworks.

I hope that you enjoy this years trail!

Keep supporting us!

Thank you!

Paul Davis

I will be available during the trail period. Please text me for further information or if you are interested in purchasing work, please email me: [email protected]